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Journalist Deepak Upadhyay Honored with Cash Award and Recognition for 102 Lifesaving Blood Donations by Dinesh Foundation

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Dhangadhi: Dinesh Foundation has honored journalist Deepak Upadhyay in recognition of his remarkable commitment to blood donation. Upadhyay, a dedicated donor who has contributed blood on 102 occasions, was acknowledged during the 11th annual Grand Blood Donation Program organized by the foundation.

During the blood donation event held this past Tuesday, President Shyam Hamal of Dinesh Foundation presented journalist Upadhyay with an esteemed certificate of appreciation along with a cash award of NPR 51,000 and a traditional "dosalla". Deepak Upadhyay has consistently demonstrated his altruism by making 102 significant blood contributions within the Far West region.

Shedding light on the mission of the Dinesh Foundation, Chairman Shyam Hamal emphasized that their enduring commitment to blood donation stems from the life-saving impact it has on numerous individuals. The foundation has consistently supplied over 100 units of blood to the Nepal Red Cross Society on an annual basis. In line with their steadfast dedication, Chairman Hamal articulated the ambitious goal of collecting 200 units of blood during the 11th blood donation drive this year.

"Shrawan (July/August) holds particular significance for blood donations as this time of year witnesses heightened demand due to medical requirements," Chairman Hamal noted. The Dinesh Foundation continues to exhibit its philanthropic spirit by conducting blood donation campaigns every July, complemented by various other social initiatives throughout the year.

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