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Far Western Development Minister Deuba Surveys Friday Night Fire Damage, Pledges Support

२०८० मंसिर २, ०७:०१ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: Prakash Bahadur Deuba, Minister of Physical Infrastructure Development in the Far Western Government, conducted an on-site inspection of the fire that broke out on Friday night. Minister Deuba personally gathered information from victims of the fire, visiting affected establishments including Sarathi Hospital in Dhangadhi.

Minister Deuba assessed the extent of damage in various locations, including Sarathi Hospital, Garima Polyclinic, Sudiksha Enterprises, Bhatt Suppliers, Bhandari Shoe Centre, Bhandari General Store, Madhumala Collection, Sudiksha Babyshop, and the Food and Trade Company Limited warehouse.

During the inspection, Minister Deuba expressed his commitment to address the aftermath of the fire, particularly in places like hospitals. He assured affected business owners that he would discuss the matter in the Cabinet to secure financial support for the damages incurred.

According to the police, the fire, triggered by a power cut at 1 o'clock on Friday night, resulted in an estimated damage of around 18 crore. The Minister's visit and commitment to supporting the affected businesses bring hope for recovery in the aftermath of this unfortunate incident.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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