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Temporary Closure of Mahendranagar Market Following Police Raids

२०८० असोज २५, ०६:५४ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: The bustling Mahendranagar market in Kanchanpur has temporarily ceased operations, in the aftermath of a police crackdown that has sent shockwaves through the local business community.

This abrupt closure was orchestrated under the stewardship of Hem Vikram Thapa, former President of the Kanchanpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The decision to suspend market activities was made in response to what they claim was a provocative police raid on the eve of the auspicious Dashain festival, which has traditionally seen heightened commercial activity.

Puzzlingly, the Kanchanpur Industry and Commerce Association has remained conspicuously silent regarding this unfolding situation, leaving many entrepreneurs and traders to question the Association's stance on the matter.

The recent police operation targeted a warehouse housing illicit plastic goods, resulting in the seizure of contraband items valued at approximately 11 lakhs. The raid was executed at the premises of Himanshu Plastic Store, owned by Sushil Gupta of Bhimdatta Municipality-18 within the district. According to police reports, this warehouse was discovered during an investigation into the activities of individuals suspected of smuggling goods that had evaded customs scrutiny at the India-Nepal border. The police have initiated a thorough inquiry into the operations of the said store.

In a separate operation, Kanchanpur police, on Wednesday, intercepted and seized goods worth nine lakhs. This operation targeted the shop and warehouse owned by Bishnu Gupta of Bhimdatta Municipality-4 in the district.

Reports suggest that the police team recovered food items and groceries valued at 9 lakh rupees from Gupta's premises while pursuing individuals believed to be involved in the illegal transportation of goods that had circumvented customs clearance at Gaddachouki. As a result, Gupta has been taken into custody, and appropriate legal action is being pursued in light of these developments.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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