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Garbage management center established in Dhangadhi

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Dhangadhi: Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city has established a garbage management center. The Garbage Management Center constructed in Ward No. 2 Saraswati Nagar of the sub-metropolitan has come into operation since Thursday.

Krishna Bhandari, waste consultant of the sub-metropolitan, said that non-biodegradable plastic, iron, rubber, paper and lead waste collected from the city area will be collected and kept separately at the fine classification center. "We will collect non-perishable garbage from the city area and bring it to the fine classification center," he said. Non-decomposable garbage will not be taken to the garbage center. 


Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city collects waste from Ward No. 1 to 8 separately. Decomposable waste will be collected and given to the Byao Gas Plant in Ward No. 2, while non-decomposable waste will be brought to the micro-management center and classified. At present, 30 tons of garbage is being collected from Dhangadhi daily.

"The sub-metropolitan has made a plan to generate income from the sale of classified waste," he said. "The goal of the sub-metropolitan is to raise the cost of waste management from the sale of waste." The non-biodegradable waste collected from the city area will be transported to the micro-management center and stored separately according to the nature of the waste.


Out of which, 12 to 15 tons of decomposable waste is collected, while the remaining non-decomposable waste is being collected by the sub-metropolitan city. Environmental officer Ashok Awasthi said that the sub-metropolitan plans to collect the non-biodegradable waste, classify it and then generate income from the sale of waste. We will bring the non-perishable waste collected daily from the city area and classify it here.


Information on how to keep non-biodegradable waste and biodegradable waste separately has been given at the community level. Deputy Chief Kandakalakumari Rana said that the campaign to convert garbage into a source of income has started by changing the way of looking at garbage.

"As part of the campaign to make Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city clean and healthy, the garbage classification center has come into operation from today, she said. The sub-metropolitan has started a campaign to convert garbage into seals."

Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city collects garbage from ward number 1 to 8 on a daily schedule. The sub-metropolitan city has been giving the rotable waste to the Gas plant, and has implemented a plan to classify the non-rotable waste and sell it.



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