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A search and rescue exercise conducted in Chamelia River at Dasharatchand Municipality

२०७९ चैत्र ८, ०५:५७ Dineshkhabar Desk

Baitadi: A search and rescue exercise has been conducted in the Chamelia River at Dasharatchand Municipality-6 Shera of Baitadi. The exercise was conducted to test the 'rubber boat' which was available for the first time for rescue in flood disaster.

With the aim of providing assistance in the proper management of disasters occurring in coastal areas, the district administration office received a 'rubber boat' last February with the coordination of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the support of the humanitarian aid center under the World Food Programme. The Chief District Officer Suresh Panthi said that in the event of drowning due to flooding and other disasters, rescue is practiced.

The exercise was conducted with the aim of testing the rubber boat and providing support for the rescue in case of disaster in the coastal area in the coming days. He said, "After receiving the rubber boat, exercises have been carried out to properly manage disaster incidents in the coastal area. The use of rubber boats will make it easier to search the river. A trained team of the armed police force from the province has conducted a search and rescue exercise in Chamelia.

Representatives of Dasharathchand Municipality, Red Cross, District Security Committee, District Disaster Management Committee, locals and others were present in the exercise. In addition, the rubber boat available to the district administration has been handed over to the BOP of the armed police at Jhulaghat after testing.

The diver team of the armed police in Jhulaghat and the trained team of the armed police from the state will undergo search and rescue training in Mahakali. Then the team of divers will be involved in the rescue during the disaster. It used to be difficult to rescue those trapped in the river due to the lack of rubber boats.

It is believed that various incidents happen in big rivers like Mahakali and Chamelia, but due to lack of rubber boats, it is difficult to rescue those trapped in rivers and streams. The District Disaster Management Committee has also requested the government and non-government agencies operating in the area to repair and maintain the disaster search and rescue equipment for disaster management. In addition to this, disaster preparedness and response plans have also been made.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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