सुदूर नेपाललाई विश्वसँग जोड्दै

Deputy mayor of Bhajani protests by locking the municipality office

२०७८ असार २८, ११:१४

Dhangadhi: The Deputy mayor has locked the Bhajani Municipality office of Kailali.

A group of people's representatives, including Deputy mayor Chhaya Devkota, locked the municipality office. On Sunday, they boycotted an executive meeting.

Devkota said that the municipality office was locked as the mayor Sher Bahadur Chaudhary formulated and passed a budget plan on the basis of majority. Devkota said that they protested when the budget was passed without formulating a plan.

They protested against the mayor's proposal stating that the majority was trying to make a hasty decision. Rabin Thapa, chairman of ward no. 1, Keshav Bahadur Budha, chairman of ward no. 5 and Bikram Chaudhary, chairman of ward no. 3 supported the deputy mayor's decision.

Thapa and Budha belong to UML while Chaudhary belongs to Jaspa.

The meeting was called at 10 am on Monday and the office was locked. Devkota has alleged that mayor Chaudhary has not let her access her rights as a Deputy mayor even after his reinstatement by the Supreme Court.

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