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Schools merged in Dhangadhi to improve the quality of education

२०८० साउन ३२, ०७:१२ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city has merged nine schools. In order to improve the educational quality, according to the decision of the Executive and the Municipal Assembly, the schools with poor physical infrastructure and lack of teachers and students have been merged according to the new school  regulations- 2080.

As the sub-metropolitan decided to merge 14 schools this year, 9 schools were merged till Thursday.

Jokaiya Basic School of Dhangadhi-11 has been 
merged to Bela Basic School among those decided to be merged for the purpose of providing quality education.

Class 2 and 3 of Nepal Bhupu Sainik Basic School of Dhangadhi-18 have been accommodated in Khaptadi Basic School. Classes 4 and 5 of Kalika Basic School of Dhangadhi-17 have been adjusted to New Kalika Basis School of Ward No. 17.

Classes 6-8 of Bhairav Baba Basic School in Dhangadhi-6 have been accommodated in Basudevi Secondary School. According to the decision of the sub-metropolitan, classes 6-8 of Saraswati Basic School of Dhangadhi-9 have been accommodated in Dhangadhi Model Technical Secondary School.

Similarly, classes 9-10 of Janata National Secondary School of Dhangadhi-13 have been accommodated in Janata National Secondary School Kailali village, while classes 9 and 10 of Dipendra Charpate Secondary School of Ward No. 17 have been accommodated in Behdababa Secondary School.

Even though the sub-metropolitan decided to merge 14 schools, only 9 schools have been merged till mid-July. Five schools have not yet been merged.

It has been agreed that classes 1-5 of Shaileshwari Basic School of Dhangadhi-2 will be accommodated in Sharda Secondary School immediately after the first trimester examination, while it has been agreed that classes 1-5 of Navajyoti Basic School of Dhangadhi-7 will be accommodated in Shiv Secondary School after the quarterly examination. Narendra Bahadur Khati said.

Three schools that have not been merged yet have been opposing the merge. National Basic School of Dhangadhi-5 Taranagar, Behdaba Basic School of Dhangadhi-12 and Siddhartha Basic School of Dhangadhi-14 have been opposing the merge. 

It was decided to accommodate the basic level of Taranagar National Basic School in Panchodaya Secondary School, classes 1-5 of Behdababa Basic School in Siddhanath Secondary School and classes 6-8 of Siddharth Basic School in Ward No. 14 to Sarvodaya Secondary School.

Some school teachers, school management committee and some parents who are opposing the merge have been calling the process unwanted. 

Dineshkhabar Desk

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