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Intra-Party Dispute Emerges: Clash Between Kailali Congress President and Vice President

२०८० साउन २५, ०७:१९ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: Nepali Congress Kailali is grappling with a notable internal conflict as a dispute unfolds between its district President and Vice President.

Tensions have escalated within the Nepali Congress due to the expulsion of two party members by Kailali District President Narayanadatta Bhatta, leading to some members openly expressing their dissent against Speaker Bhatta.

Earlier this week, District President Bhatta took disciplinary action against Lokraj Pande Ago, the regional representative of Godavari Municipality-1, and Surat Bahadur Karki, the regional representative of Chure Rural Municipality-6, by expelling them from the party. The expulsion was attributed to alleged public statements and derogatory remarks made on social media that were perceived to be detrimental to the party's interests and the reputation of its official leaders and members.

Deputy Chairman Bhim Baduwal entered the fray three days after the initial statement, releasing a separate statement on Thursday. In his statement, Baduwal raised concerns about the unilateral decision taken by the Chairman, questioning the legality of the action and asserting that such a move contradicted the party's constitution.

"The decision made to suspend individuals without proper consultation with the Disciplinary Committee undermines the committee's credibility and is in violation of our party's constitution," Deputy Chairman Baduwal remarked, emphasizing that the Chairman's actions are subject to scrutiny.

As the internal dispute deepens, the Nepali Congress finds itself grappling with a complex situation, with the Vice President openly challenging the Chairman's actions and raising questions about the adherence to party regulations.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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