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Why was there a fight amongst the Badi community in front of the Chief Minister's Office in Dhangadhi?

२०७८ असार २८, ०४:३५ खबर संवाददाता

Dhangadhi: The Badi community clashed in front of the office of the Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers of the Far-Western Province on Sunday. There was a fight between Rama Badi's group and Mithu Badi's group.

According to Ramadevi Badi, chairperson of the Badi Upliftment Committee Far-West, a memorandum was handed over to Chief Minister Trilochan Bhatt as there was a suspicion that the Rs. 3 crore allocated by the state government for the coming fiscal year would be misused. "The money allocated last year was also misused. We have submitted a memorandum to prevent a similar situation next year.

In front of the Chief Minister's office, a group of Mithu Badis suddenly attacked us," she said. According to her, the treasurer of the Badi Upliftment Committee, Subash Rana Badi, was beaten. She said that the treasurer was beaten up. She also accused Mithu Badi's group of arbitrarily withdrawing Rs 10 lakhs last year. Meanwhile, Mithu Badi's group has protested in the name of the Badi community saying that Rama Badi's group has acted without reason.

Mithu, who has been the chairperson of the Badi Adhikar Sangharsh Samiti Far West, said, "The budget allocated for us in the past has been wasted." They have become active again after the budget allocation for the coming fiscal year. After a fight in front of the office of the Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers, a compromise has been reached between the two groups in the presence of the police.

Police said that they have agreed not to dispute over the budget in the coming days. The Far-Western Provincial Government has allocated Rs. 3 crore for the coming Fiscal Year 2078/07 saying that it will work for the rights and interests of the Badi community.

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