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Far-Western government accused of negligence towards rising crime rate

२०७८ असार २७, ०७:२५

Dhangadhi: The Far Western government has been accused of being oblivious towards the rising crime rate in the state.

Speaking at the state assembly meeting on Sunday, Bharat Bahadur Khadka, a member of the state assembly from the main opposition party Nepali Congress, made such allegations. He said that the people were disappointed that the state government had failed to carry out a thorough investigation into the rising crime rate. ‘Asmita Dhami was recently killed in Dadeldhura.

The person involved in the incident has not been identified yet, "he said." The state government is failing in dozens of such killings. He said that the government has not been able to pay enough attention towards the increasing drug users and smuggling in Kailali and Kanchanpur of the state. ‘Drugs are being traded from the border.

This is putting the state at greater risk. The state government should be serious about such incidents, ”he said. Similarly, CPN-UML state assembly member Harka Bahadur Kanwar has accused the state government of failing to work for the families of those who lost their lives and those injured in the natural disaster.

"Even though the budget for the embankment in Bajura and Achham has been allocated, the flood-affected people of other districts have not been able to get compensation," he said.

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