सुदूर नेपाललाई विश्वसँग जोड्दै

The Supreme Court begins hearing for writ petition against the restructuring of Far-Western government

२०७८ जेठ ३०, ०४:४४

Kailali: The Supreme Court has started hearing against the reshuffling of the Far-Western Provincial Government from today.

The writ petition has been fixed in a single sitting of Judge Harikrishna Karki. A writ petition was filed in the court on Thursday alleging that the government was reconstituted including unconstitutional provisions.

Petitioner Rana informed that advocates Dal Bahadur Dhami, Ram Bahadur Shah, and Apeksha Niraula would debate on the writ filed by Kamal Singh Rana, Suresh Rokaya, and Advocate Apeksha Niraula on Sunday.

Article 168 (9) of the constitution has a constitutional provision that the state government should be formed so that the total number of members does not exceed 20%. However, he said that the provision was violated while extending the state government.

At present, there are six ministries in the far-western region, and 11 ministers have been appointed. The writ petition was recorded at the Supreme Court against the Sudurpashchim government distinguishing the offices of the governor and chief Minister as litigants.

The petition depicts the government’s act of restructuring the province Cabinet as unconstitutional. In reference to the established arrangement, the province governor, with the help of the chief minister's recommendation, can delegate ministers with regards to the legal arrangement that states, in addition to other things, that the ministers' number ought not to surpass 20% of the all-out strength of the provincial assembly.

The choice to designate 11 ministers from the PA that has an aggregate of 53 PA individuals is obviously past the statutory ceiling. Therefore, the writ was filed by Kamalsingh Rana, advocate Apekshya Niraula, and a law student Suresh Rokaya.

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