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Treatment for chronic pain to continue in Dadeldhura Hospital

२०७८ जेठ ३०, ०४:११

Dadeldhura: The Dadeldhura Hospital is resuming treatment for chronic pain.

The treatment for chronic pain which started last April, was stopped due to the pandemic. The hospital has stated that the treatment for chronic pain will be resumed in July as the rate of Coronavirus is decreasing in the district.

Dr. Tirtha Raj Bhandari, Head of Anesthesiology and Critical Care at Dadeldhura Hospital, is treating patients with chronic pain. Pain in the back, head, joints,hands and feet, will all be treated, said Bhandari. He also informed that the pain related to cancer will be treated through an injection.

With the commencement of treatment for chronic pain at Dadeldhura Hospital, patients from seven districts in the Far-West will no longer have to travel to the Terai district or Kathmandu for treatment.

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