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Dadeldhura Authorities Launch Removal of Structures Along Headquarters Road Ahead of Dashain

२०८० असोज २६, ०७:३८ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dadeldhura: The process of dismantling structures along the road area in Dadeldhura headquarters has commenced, with a keen focus on ensuring their removal before the upcoming Dashain festival. Mayor Dilliraj Joshi of Amargarhi Municipality has shared insights into the ongoing efforts to address the issue of houses and towers encroaching on government and public land.

Mayor Joshi underscored the necessity of employing heavy machinery, including bulldozers, to eliminate structures that have been constructed in violation of regulations within a 15-meter radius on both sides of the road. These structures, some of which were built without the requisite permissions, have encroached upon government land and public spaces.

He further emphasized that the municipality had previously issued both verbal and written notices to the affected residents, urging them to voluntarily dismantle the structures. However, in light of non-compliance from some occupants, the municipality is now compelled to execute the removal in accordance with the law.

Mayor Joshi reiterated that the primary objective is to clear the road from encroachments and structures within this month, ahead of the forthcoming Dashain festival, a time when the region traditionally celebrates with great fervor. This initiative seeks to enhance the safety and aesthetics of the area while ensuring adherence to legal land usage and municipal regulations.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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