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Exploring Pashmina Production in Bajura: Minister of Economic Affairs Leads Investigative Team

२०८० असोज १८, ०२:१८ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: An extensive study on pashmina production has been initiated in the picturesque hilly districts of the Far Western Province.

The State Government has embarked on a comprehensive feasibility study focused on pashmina production within Bajura district. To undertake this crucial mission, three representatives from the Pashmina Sangh, accompanied by the esteemed Minister of Economic Affairs, Naresh Kumar Shahi, have journeyed to Bajura. Their mission revolves around exploring the viability of pashmina production in the lofty Himalayan regions situated at an elevation of 4,500 meters above sea level.

Siddharaj Jaishi, Information Officer of the Veterinary Hospital and Animal Services Expert Center in Bajura, a division under the Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture, and Cooperatives, confirmed the presence of the Pashmina Association delegation, including the minister, in Bajura. The team made their arrival in Bajura on a Friday, marking the commencement of their in-depth investigation into pashmina production prospects in the elevated zones of Swamikattik, Jagannath, and Himali Rural Municipality of Bajura.

Rameshwar Chaudhary, the Agriculture Minister of the Far Western region, enthusiastically announced the commencement of pashmina studies. He elaborated, "A dedicated team has arrived for a comprehensive study on Pashmina, and they are currently in Bajura. Pashmina rearing is an endeavor predominantly reserved for the lofty mountainous regions. Our policy decisions will be influenced by the valuable insights provided by their forthcoming reports." In a gesture of commitment to this endeavor, the Far West Government has allocated a substantial budget of NPR 2.5 arba in the ongoing fiscal year for the advancement of the agricultural sector.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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