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168 Aftershocks Follow Earthquake in Bajhang

२०८० असोज १७, ०३:४५ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: In the wake of a magnitude 5.3 earthquake that struck Bajhang in the Far West Province at 2:40 PM on Tuesday afternoon, the region has experienced a staggering total of 168 aftershocks within less than 24 hours. These seismic activities are being monitored closely by the Earthquake Measurement Center, Surkhet, indicating continued seismic instability in various parts of Bajhang.

Of the 168 aftershocks recorded since Tuesday, only 11 have registered above a magnitude of four. The epicenters of these aftershocks have varied across different locations within Bajhang.

According to the National Earthquake Center in Surkhet, a second earthquake of magnitude 6.3 occurred on the same day, with its epicenter in Chainpur, the district headquarters of Bajhang. This earthquake struck at 3:06 AM, followed by aftershocks at 3:13 PM in Chainpur, 4:00 PM in Surma, and 4:01 PM again in Chainpur.

Additional seismic activity includes a 4.1 magnitude earthquake in Talkot at 4:28 PM, Suweda at 4:31 PM, Seli at 5:19 PM, and Damena at 5:38 PM. Furthermore, during the night, a 4.1 magnitude earthquake with its epicenter in Damena occurred at 12:16 AM. This was followed by a 4.3 magnitude earthquake in Talkot at 12:50 PM and another 4.3 magnitude earthquake in Chainpur at 5:43 AM today.

The region of Far West, including Bajhang, is considered highly susceptible to earthquakes. Notably, there hasn't been a major earthquake in Western Nepal for the past five centuries. Last October, an earthquake of magnitude 5.7 originating from Doti shook the area. The Earthquake Center has advised that aftershocks are expected to continue in the Far West for several more days.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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