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Pregnant Woman Safely Evacuated from Dangerous Situation in Achham

२०८० असोज ११, ०४:३३ Dineshkhabar Desk

Achham: In a daring rescue operation, a 25-year-old pregnant woman named Magali Thapa from Dhakari Rural Municipality Ward Number 7 in Achham district has been successfully evacuated via helicopter.

Ms. Thapa, who is currently 36 weeks pregnant, was facing critical health challenges, including elevated blood pressure and a deficiency in white blood cells. Her condition was further complicated by a persistent fever, and medical professionals observed an increased heart rate in the unborn baby. Given the severity of her condition, it became evident that urgent medical intervention was essential.

Recognizing the limitations of treatment available at District Hospital Achham, the medical team at the hospital decided to refer Ms. Thapa to a medical facility equipped with both intensive care and maternity services. District Hospital Achham contacted the authorities, and Chief District Officer Sharad Kumar Pokharel swiftly coordinated the rescue mission.

Under the auspices of the Women Children and Presidential Women Rescue Program, the Nepali Army mobilized a helicopter to carry out the evacuation. The helicopter safely transported Ms. Thapa from the helipad at Gorakh Bux Gana in Achham district to Provincial Hospital Surkhet, where she could receive the comprehensive medical care she urgently required.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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