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Rise in Complaints of Financial Irregularities in Far Western Province

२०८० साउन १७, ०७:२३ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: As the new financial year commenced, the Far Western Province has witnessed a surge in complaints regarding financial irregularities, particularly at the local level.

Starting from the fiscal year 2080/81 BS, the Office of the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority in Kanchanpur has experienced a notable rise in complaints concerning individuals and public organizations involved in irregular practices while holding public positions.

Since the onset of the current financial year until the 31st of July, the Kanchanpur office of the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority has registered a total of 77 complaints from various regions within Far West. The majority of these complaints (41) were lodged through postal service, with one submitted through a newspaper, 14 in written form, and 19 via email.

The majority of grievances presented to the authority pertain to financial irregularities observed in schemes operated by the union, state, and local levels. Kanchanpur office reported that more than 35 percent of the registered complaints are specifically related to the local level.

Moreover, the office has reported an ongoing escalation in complaints against irregularities following the advent of the current financial year. To facilitate the reporting process, arrangements have been made to file complaints through multiple channels, including Facebook, Viber, post, and written submissions. The office remains committed to investigating each complaint submitted, meticulously examining the nature of the allegations.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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