सुदूर नेपाललाई विश्वसँग जोड्दै

Khaptad where yoga guru Baba Ramdev and Prime Minister Prachanda are coming

२०८० जेठ ११, ०५:०३ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: An international spiritual conference is being organized for the first time in the Khaptad region, a major tourist destination in the Far West. Khaptad Tourism Development and Management Committee is planning to organize this kind of conference in Khaptad area on 6th - 8th of June (23rd-25th of Jestha).

Such a conference is being organized to promote domestic and foreign tourists. Where yoga guru Baba Ramdeb and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' are also scheduled to come. Such a conference is going to be held at the initiative of the provincial government, Khaptad Tourism Development and Management Committee. The Chief Minister of Sudurpaschim Province Government Kamal Bahadur Shah has informed that Balkrishna Acharya will also participate in the conference along with Indian yoga guru Baba Ramdev.

A 401-member core preparation committee has also been formed under the coordination of the Chief Minister for the three-day conference. 12 sub-committees have been formed under this committee. Likewise, a preparation and management committee has been formed under the chairmanship of Hark Bahadur Singh, Chairman of Khaptad Region Tourism Development and Management Committee, which is under the provincial government, for organizing the conference.

The Prime Minister is scheduled to inaugurate the conference. Bhim Bahadur Khadka, Executive Director of Khaptad Region Tourism and Management Committee, said that former Prime Ministers, Ministers, MPs of the Federal Parliament, eminent persons from the spiritual field and others will participate in the conference. In addition, preparations have been made for the participation of all 88 local level heads, media persons, and tourism professionals in the Far West.

Such a conference is going to be organized with the financial support of the Far West Province Government, Tourism Board and the local level. Khaptad is located in the center of the hilly districts of Bajura, Bajhang, Doti and Achham in the far west and is at a height of 3200 meters above sea level. Khaptad area is important from nature, tourism, spiritual point of view. Chief Minister Shah said that positive efforts should be made from all levels and regions for the development of Khaptad from the International Spiritual Conference.

Khaptad Baba practiced sadhana for five decades in Khaptad region. In that area, there are attractive structures such as Khaptadbaba's hut, Sahastra Linga, various 22 patans, 53 jhotis. The area which includes Khaptad National Park is spread over nearly 225 square kilometers. Khaptad has not yet been reached by road. Even though transport is available up to Jhigrana in Doti, Khaptad can be reached only after a day's walk from there.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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