सुदूर नेपाललाई विश्वसँग जोड्दै

Construction of Geta Medical College nearing its final stage

२०७८ असार २४, ०२:०२ खबर संवाददाता

Dhangadhi: The construction of Geta Medical College has reached its final stage. The construction of 27 infrastructures including a building for 600-beds hospital and a medical college has reached its final stage.

Executive Director of Geta Medical College Infrastructure Development Committee Bhim Bahadur Saud said that the construction progress has reached more than 90%. According to him, the construction of structures other than residential buildings has reached more than 95%.

"The construction of the structure will be completed within the month of September," he said. "But the format of the operation has not been decided yet." He is of the opinion that the medical college will start within a year if there is no obstruction. He said that the hospital could be started soon after the process of Darawandi approval, purchase of equipment and so on.

However, the operation of medical colleges in the Far-Western states is likely to be delayed due to lack of operational format. There had been discussions of building a medical college in the Far-West since the Panchayat system. In 2066, the then government announced the construction of Geta Medical College and allocated a budget. However, the process of building the medical college did not move forward as the forest had not agreed to build a medical college in the forest area.

The construction of the infrastructure of the medical college was started only after 2073 BS due to delay in environmental impact assessment and tree felling order. Since the foundation stone was laid for the construction of the building in 2071 BS, the construction of physical infrastructure had gained momentum since 2073 BS.

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