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Youth of Baitadi to offer free transportation to carry patients to hospitals

२०७८ जेठ २१, ११:१३

Baitadi: The youths of Surnaya Rural Municipality of Baitadi have managed free vehicles during the pandemic.

The Pattal Bhubaneswar Youth Awakening Forum and Natural Organization have arranged vehicles to carry patients amidst the pandemic. Binod Bista, vice-president of Pattal Bhubaneswar Youth Awakening Forum, said that a vehicle has been arranged to transport any patient from the village to the hospital free of cost.

He said that as there is no ambulance in the village, the youth have collected money and provided free transportation. According to Bista, the emergency van service was started to make it easier for patients to get to the hospital.

It is said that the emergency vehicle service has been brought into operation in the village since Thursday to carry the sick for a month free of cost. Citizens who are unable to go to the hospital due to financial constraints can contact 9811660803, 9848836267, 9861890081, 9848891471 and jeep driver 9842257626.

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