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Far-western government's fake statistics are confusing Dhangadhi

२०७७ असार १९, ०६:५५

he Far-Western government has spread confusion amongst the people of the state by adding health equipment in facilities on paper while they were actually not available, while the corona virus is on the rise, the Ministry of Social Development and the Directorate of Health of the state government have been saying that facilities and equipments have been added stating that ventilator and ICU services have been added in various hospitals in the state.

Both the agencies have made the data public declaring that 10 ventilators are available in Seti Provincial Hospital with 10 beds, Mahakali Hospital with 4 beds and 14 ICU beds, Seti Hospital with 6 beds while Mahakali and Dadeldhura Hospitals have 2 ventilators each.

However, the number of ventilators in the state has been reduced from 10 to 4 and the number of ICU beds has been reduced from 14 to seven. Mahakali Hospital's Information Officer Narendra Bhatta said, "We have repeatedly informed the Ministry of Social Development and the Directorate of Health that there are no ventilators in the hospital."

However, it has been mentioned that ventilators are available at Mahakali Hospital. He said that treatment of patients who need ventilators is not possible at Mahakali Hospital. Narendra Karki, chief of the health division at the Ministry of Social Development in the far west, said the data provided by the health directorate was becoming public.

"The figures may have gone up and down," he said. "The Ministry of Social Development does not compile the figures itself." You are only making public the data compiled by the health directorate”.

However, Dr. Gunaraj Awasthi, director of the health directorate in the far west, said that the data was made public as per the details provided by the hospitals. "Some days equipment is added, some days it is reduced,"

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