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Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City Boosts Employment with Skill Training Programs

२०८१ असार ८, १२:५७ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: The Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city of Kailali has successfully trained numerous individuals in various trades, resulting in significant employment gains.

In the current financial year, the city has focused on providing practical skills to its residents, leading to increased job placements and self-employment opportunities. Key Training and Employment Achievements: Plumbing: 27 people received training in plumbing, and 17 secured employment.

Electrical: 25 individuals were trained in electrical work, with 16 obtaining jobs. Welding: Out of 21 trained welders, 16 found employment. Furniture Making: Five of the 16 trained in furniture-making are now employed. Lunch-Breakfast Preparation: All 20 individuals who received training in this area are now self-employed.

Garment Industry: The city sent 20 people to Kathmandu for garment training, and all have secured jobs in the garment sector. Overall, 129 youths received training in five different areas this fiscal year, and 91 of them have successfully become employed or self-employed.

Employment Initiatives and Challenges: Chandra Bahadur Mahara, the employment branch coordinator of Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city, highlighted the success of these training programs. "We have provided training in five areas, and many of them have secured employment," he said.

The city's strategy involves not only offering training but also assisting in job placements post-training. The sub-metropolitan city has adopted a policy, in collaboration with various organizations, to equip youth with necessary skills to bridge the gap between employer demands and the current labor market skills.

Despite this, challenges persist due to the mismatch between formal education and practical skill sets required by the job market. Vocational School and Future Plans: To address these issues, Dhangadhi has established a vocational school aimed at teaching practical skills to youth.

Since its inception on Ashoj 6, 2080, the Dhangadhi Vocational School, in collaboration with the Nepal Youth Foundation, has completed four vocational training sessions this year. Mahara encourages interested individuals to contact the employment service center for training opportunities.

"We don't just give training. After the training, we also help in getting job placements," he stated, emphasizing the city's commitment to comprehensive employment support. Dhangadhi's efforts underscore a significant step towards enhancing the employability and self-reliance of its residents through targeted skill development programs.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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