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Dhangadhi Announces Budget for FY 2081/82 with Vision for Sustainable Development and Well-being

२०८१ असार ८, १२:४० Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: The Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city of Sudurpaschim province has unveiled its budget for the next financial year, emphasizing sustainable development, improved public services, and enhanced well-being for its residents.

Deputy mayor Kandakala Kumari Rana presented the budget on Friday, highlighting a long-term vision of creating a city characterized by happiness, peace, and prosperity. Under the slogan "Our Dhangadhi: We will build it," the budget prioritizes reclaiming encroached public properties such as lakes, canals, and land within the sub-metropolitan area.

A significant focus of the budget is on ensuring access to basic needs, including health and education, for all city residents. The city aims to run a campaign titled "Our desire is the wish for the good health of the sub-metropolitan residents." Additionally, the budget includes plans to develop Dhangadhi into a "livable green city" through the construction of quality and sustainable infrastructure.

Continuing the mayor’s educational reform program, the budget allocates funds to develop "one ward and one model school," aiming to improve the overall educational quality of community schools. The total estimated budget for the next financial year is Rs. 2 billion 18 crore 42 lakh 32 thousand 230, with equal allocations for income and expenditure to ensure a balanced budget.

The budget breakdown is as follows: Current Expenditure: Rs. 1 billion 20 crore 15 lakh 44 thousand 117 Capital Expenditure: Rs. 98 crore 26 lakh 88 thousand 102 Total Expenditure: Rs. 2 billion 18 crore 42 lakh 32 thousand 230 The revenue sources include: Internal Income: Rs. 366 crore 9 lakh 76 thousand 665 Revenue Distribution Income: Rs. 48 crore 29 lakh 54 thousand 785 Inter-Governmental Financial Transfers (Nepal Government): Rs. 1 billion 87 crore 26 lakh Inter-Governmental Financial Transfers (Provincial Government): Rs. 82 crore 82 lakh 23 thousand Sectoral allocations in the budget are: Economic Development: Rs. 60 crore 6 lakh 31 thousand Social Development: Rs. 1 billion 15 crore 77 lakh 16 thousand Infrastructure Development: Rs. 60 crore 79 lakh 86 thousand 106 Good Governance and Inter-related Matters: Rs. 18 crore 52 lakh 31 thousand Office Maintenance: Rs. 31 crore 63 lakh 7 thousand 98 The budget underscores Dhangadhi's commitment to sustainable growth, improved public services, and the well-being of its residents, setting a foundation for a prosperous future.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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