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A teacher in Baitadi abducts a student, takes her to India

२०८१ जेठ ६, ०१:२९ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: A married teacher of Shivnath Rural Municipality of Baitadi has abducted a girl student.

A teacher of Nagarjuna Basic School located in Shivnath-1 has abducted a girl student studying in class 9. Karan Singh Saund of rural municipality-1 Kud abducted a student from the village who was studying in class 9 at Nagarjuna Secondary School.

It has been revealed that Saund, a 28-year-old teacher appointed by the rural municipality, took the girl from the village to India on Wednesday, on the pretext of marrying her. Locals said that the teacher is already married and has two sons.

Mansingh Saund, Acting Chairman of Ward No. 1 of Shivnath Rural Municipality, said that the news was received at the ward office that Karansingh had driven away the village girl and gone to India. He has also said that he has taken the initiative to arrest him in India. However, Acting President Saund said that Saund, who abducted the girl, could not be arrested.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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