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Fire Ravages Farmer's Sugarcane Field in Kanchanpur

Sugarcane worth two and a half lakhs was burnt and destroyed

२०८० फाल्गुन ८, ०५:५५ Dineshkhabar Desk

Kanchanpur: A devastating fire engulfed a farmer's sugarcane field in Kanchanpur on Tuesday, resulting in significant financial losses.

The fire erupted in the sugarcane field spanning 27 katta of land owned by Chandralal Chaudhary in Bantariya, Belauri Municipality-5.

According to authorities, the blaze, believed to have been accidentally ignited by Ramjan Rana in his nearby sugarcane field, swiftly spread to Chaudhary's property. The inferno consumed sugarcane worth an estimated two and a half lakhs, devastating the farmer's harvest.

Efforts to extinguish the flames were promptly launched, with local residents and law enforcement agencies collaborating to bring the situation under control. Despite their efforts, the incident inflicted substantial damage to the agricultural assets of the affected farmer.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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