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Dissatisfaction Among People's Representatives Over Godavari Municipality Mayor's Working Style

२०८० पुष २४, ०५:११ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: Tensions rise as Deputy Mayor Sharda Rokaya and other people's representatives express dissatisfaction with the operational approach of Godavari Municipality (Attaria) Mayor, Birendra Bhatta.

In a press conference held at the municipal premises on Tuesday, Deputy Head Rokaya accused the Mayor of attempting to govern the municipality based on a majority, stating, "Decisions are being made without presenting the agenda in the meetings, which goes against democratic principles." Rokaya highlighted the issue of calling the 105th executive meeting without a specified agenda.

The 105th meeting did not proceed as planned, with Rokaya claiming that their colleagues were summoned for advice. Subsequently, it was decided to conduct regular meetings. Rokaya questioned the necessity of re-inaugurating the municipality's foundation stone, emphasizing the need to focus on other crucial development projects. Ward President Kalawati Saund also expressed discontent, citing an alleged insult by the Mayor during an executive meeting.

Godavari-7 Ward President Kalawati Saund also complained about being insulted by the Mayor in an executive meeting. She stated, "The 106th meeting was called, but after our demand to designate it as the 105th, the Mayor instructed us to leave the meeting. Where is the adherence to the law? Our demand is that the 106th meeting cannot be held without the 105th Executive Committee meeting."

Likewise, Shuddi Chaudhary, Ward Chairman of Ward No. 5, criticized the Mayor's working style as anti-democratic, pointing out that the 105th meeting was called under the guise of a general discussion. Additionally, representatives close to UML boycotted the 106th executive meeting in protest of the perceived irregularities.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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