सुदूर नेपाललाई विश्वसँग जोड्दै

Two Additional COVID-19 Cases Confirmed Among Returnees from India in Sudurpaschim Region

२०८० पुष ५, ०७:१६ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: In a recent health examination conducted on Thursday, two individuals who entered through the Gauriphanta crossing in Sudurpaschim have tested positive for the coronavirus. Out of a total of 60 people screened upon their return from India, 58 individuals tested negative for the virus.

The State Emergency Operation Center in Dhangadhi reported that, as of now, four individuals in Sudurpaschim have been identified as positive cases for COVID-19. This follows the confirmation of two cases on the previous day (Wednesday).

The continuous monitoring and testing of individuals returning from abroad underscore the region's commitment to safeguard public health amid the ongoing global pandemic. Authorities remain vigilant in their efforts to detect and contain the spread of the virus, ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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