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Altercation Erupts at Attariya Bus Park in Kailali, Leading to Formal Complaint

२०८० पुष ३, ०७:१७ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: Tensions escalated at Attariya Bus Park in Kailali as a scuffle unfolded among employees of various bus operating companies stationed in Godavari Municipality Ward No. 2 of the district.

The altercation involved individuals from Khaptad Transport, namely Jeet Bahadur Saud, and employees from Shivpuri Transport, identified as Khem Saund and Vivek Khawas. The dispute, which transpired on Monday morning, resulted in a formal complaint filed with the Malakheti police, citing an altercation between the involved parties.

Jeet Bahadur Saud, a Khaptad Transport employee hailing from Basanttol in Godavari Municipality Ward No. 2, reported sustaining injuries during the incident. In response, Saud lodged a complaint with the Malakheti police, accusing Khem Saund and Vivek Khawas of offenses against public interest, health safety facilities, and morals.

As of now, the Area Police Office in Malakheti has not made any arrests in connection with the reported altercation, despite the formal complaint. Khem Saund has conveyed that, despite their filing a complaint with the police, neither he nor Vivek Khawas has been taken into custody. The situation remains under investigation as authorities assess the details surrounding the scuffle at Attariya Bus Park

Dineshkhabar Desk

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