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Illegal River Product Smuggling Foiled: Two Tractors Seized by Kanchanpur Police

२०८० मंसिर १४, ०४:१० Dineshkhabar Desk

Kanchanpur: In a significant operation, Kanchanpur police have successfully apprehended two tractors engaged in the illicit smuggling of river products. The clandestine activities were intercepted in the northern region of the district, specifically at Bandakhola.

The arrested tractors were caught red-handed by a joint team comprising officers from Vani Police Station and Temporary Police Bit Paharia. Acting swiftly upon information, the law enforcement authorities seized both tractors, along with their accompanying trolleys, during an attempt to smuggle river products from Krishnapur Municipality-1 Bandkhola.

The operation, led by Vani Police, unfolded as a response to the illegal exploitation of Bandakhola for river product smuggling. Tractor number 6476, as per Vani Police Section 1 So 9805 and Section 1, has been under police custody for a week, marking a decisive intervention against the illicit activities.

In a symbolic move, the seized tractors, engaged in unauthorized sand theft, were carefully taken into police custody. Presently, both tractors are under the control of Vani police. District Police Office Kanchanpur spokesperson, Prakash Dangi, affirmed that the confiscated tractors would be duly handed over to the municipality, ensuring a thorough legal process is followed. This successful operation underscores the commitment of law enforcement in curbing illegal activities and preserving natural resources in the Kanchanpur region.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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