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NMB Bank Limited Dhangadhi Branch Successfully Organizes Dental Camp in Collaboration with Muskan Dental Home

२०८० असोज २७, ०६:४९ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: NMB Bank Limited's Dhangadhi branch recently executed a commendable initiative by hosting a one-day dental camp in collaboration with Muskan Dental Home. The camp, which was dedicated to providing essential dental services to the community, took place at the basic health center located in Dhangadhi's sub-metropolitan city-8.

A total of 127 individuals had the opportunity to avail themselves of the services rendered during this benevolent event, which also included the provision of complimentary medicines. Notably, the camp was instrumental in reaching underserved individuals, ensuring access to vital dental care.

Sandeep Sharma, representing Muskan Dental Home, shared that the dental camp was distinguished by the use of cutting-edge N-class digital sterilization technology, a facility not typically available within the region. This technology, along with the expertise of the dental professionals, enabled the effective treatment of various dental issues, including Root Canal Treatment (RCT).

The dental camp, which was organized under the aegis of NMB Bank Limited, also drew the participation and support of key figures. Shyam Adhikari, State Head of NMB Bank, graced the event with his presence, underscoring the bank's commitment to community welfare. Dr. Roshan Bhatt and Ward President Jugram Chaudhary Lagaet were also present, further enhancing the camp's impact and reach.

NMB Bank Limited's collaboration with Muskan Dental Home in this noble endeavor exemplifies the importance of corporate social responsibility and the profound difference that can be made when organizations come together for the betterment of society. This dental camp serves as a testament to their dedication to providing essential healthcare services to the community, ultimately promoting the well-being of the residents of Dhangadhi and its vicinity.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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