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Baitadi's Sribhavar-Haat Road Section Encounters Blockade

२०८० असोज २५, ०६:५० Dineshkhabar Desk

Baitadi: The Sribhavar-Haat road section in Baitadi has fallen prey to a temporary blockade. The blockade occurred in the vicinity of Purchoudi Municipality Ward No. 7, specifically near the Gofa river, due to a dry landslide that transpired last night, according to reports from the Purghat Police Station.

This unfortunate event has left commuters and travelers in a predicament, as the road remains impassable due to the landslides. Authorities at the Purghat Police Station have promptly initiated efforts to rectify the situation, with the aim of reopening this vital route for the convenience of the public.

Landslides have been sporadically plaguing the Sribhavar-Haat road section, causing continued inconvenience for passengers who rely on this key transportation route. The persistence of such incidents underscores the importance of addressing the road's vulnerability to landslides and finding long-term solutions to ensure safe and uninterrupted travel for all concerned.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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