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Uncertainty Shrouds Fate of Nepali Students in Israel: 12 Out of 49 Remain Unaccounted For

२०८० असोज २१, ०७:०७ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: Foreign Minister NP Saud has provided an update to the Parliament regarding the status of Nepali students who had traveled to Israel for educational purposes from the Far West region. As of now, there is a state of uncertainty surrounding the condition of 12 out of the total 49 students who embarked on this academic journey.

Minister Saud revealed that among the Nepali students studying in the southern region of Israel, a total of 17 individuals were enrolled, with the unfortunate news of two fatalities and three students currently undergoing medical treatment due to injuries sustained.

The students hailing from Far West University had ventured to Israel to pursue their studies, with 17 of them stationed in the southern part of the country. Out of this group, two have been confirmed as safe, while three are receiving medical attention for their injuries. However, the well-being of the remaining 12 students remains shrouded in uncertainty.

In response to the alarming situation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued directives to the Nepali Embassy in Israel, emphasizing the importance of immediate rescue efforts, facilitation, and coordination. Their primary objective is to gather accurate information regarding the current status of Nepali nationals in Israel.

Of the 49 students originally dispatched to Israel for an experimental learning program that commenced on September 4 and 7, a concerning 12 have lost all means of contact. Notably, 11 of these students are female. These individuals had embarked on an 11-month 'Earn and Learn Program,' which constituted a significant opportunity for personal and academic growth.

It is worth mentioning that 32 agricultural students from this group have sought refuge in bunkers located on various agricultural farms, ensuring their safety amid the ongoing uncertainty.

The 49 students enrolled in the program had chosen to study at the Seidot Negev Agricultural Training Center and were distributed into six different groups, each assigned to work in various agricultural farms. Among these groups, 17 students are currently deemed to be at the highest level of risk. Following their academic pursuits in BSc Agriculture at Sudurpaschim University, these students had ventured to Israel to participate in an 11-month internship under the auspices of the Learn and Earn program.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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