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Baitadi Residents Fall Victim to Gold and Cash Theft

२०८० असोज १८, ०२:२० Dineshkhabar Desk

Baitadi: Unfortunate incidents of theft have transpired in Baitadi, resulting in the loss of valuable gold and cash from two residences.

Yogesh Khatri, the official spokesperson for the District Police Office in Baitadi, confirmed that these incidents occurred at the homes of Gangasingh Mahara and Tarasingh Mahara, both residents of Patan Municipality-4 Batthi.

On a somber Wednesday afternoon, the residence of Gangasingh Mahara fell prey to the theft of a precious one tola and four annas of gold garland, alongside four annas of tilri.

Similarly, the household of Tarasingh Mahara, located in the same vicinity, reported the loss of cash amounting to NPR 6,300. The theft also included two tillers, one of 2 annas and another of 5 annas.

The stolen items primarily consisted of gold ornaments and cash securely kept within the confines of the houses. Law enforcement agencies have taken charge of the situation, actively pursuing an investigation to apprehend those responsible for the thefts.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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