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Legal Action Taken Against Five Businesses in Dhangadhi for Violations

२०८० भदौ ६, ०७:०७ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: In a recent enforcement operation carried out by authorities in Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan ward numbers 15 and 16, stringent actions have been taken against five businesses engaged in unlawful practices.

Narayan Prasad Sharma, the Head of the Consumer Protection Branch of the sub-metropolitan municipality, revealed that the crackdown followed the identification of irregularities at Behda Baba Agro Center in Ward No. 16. The establishment was found to be stocking stationery items, fruits, and other goods during a market monitoring conducted by a dedicated team on Tuesday. Subsequently, the firm was levied an initial fine of Rs. 1,000. Additionally, during a subsequent inspection, Behada Baba Clinic in the same ward was also penalized.

In a prior assessment, the business operators had been reminded of the necessity to obtain proper authorization for the distribution of pharmaceuticals. Subsequently, they were penalized with a fine of Rs. 1,000 for selling and dispensing medication without due permission. The monitoring team emphasized that the clinic's registration and distribution contravened regulations, thereby warranting the fine. It was further asserted that the business would face escalated legal action if permissions were not obtained henceforth. Notably, the law stipulates that the sale and distribution of pharmaceuticals necessitate trained personnel with proper authorization from the drug administration department.

In Dakshin Rampur, Chand Grocery Store, which was unregistered, was found to be involved in the illicit sale of alcohol under the guise of a grocery establishment. The inspection team additionally discovered expired goods on the premises. Consequently, the grocery store was issued a fine of Rs. 1,000. Likewise, Lakshmi Grocery Store and Ramesh Pashupati Grocery Store in East Rampur were identified as operating unlicensed hotels and selling alcoholic beverages. Chief Sharma of the Consumer Protection Branch affirmed that these businesses were fined Rs. 1,000 each for their initial violations. Notably, this marks the first time that a business has been penalized under the stipulated regulations.

The comprehensive monitoring initiative encompassed evaluations of 20 distinct business entities, underscoring the commitment of regulatory authorities to uphold commercial standards and consumer rights.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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