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Cattle rearer fail to receive a fair price for milk

२०८० साउन ३२, ०७:३० Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: Dhansinh Bista of Gauriganga Municipality Ward No-10 of Kailali has been rearing a buffalo and a cow. He has been producing 24 liters of milk daily. Bishta, who has been raising cows of hybrid, has not been receiving a fair price for milk.



He has been selling milk at a cost of Rs 50 per liter. Indirect consumers of milk sold by Bista at Rs 50 per liter to dairy have to pay up to Rs 100 to the dairy. 


Bisht told Dinesh Khabar, we have been selling cow's milk for 50 rupees. They have given 55 rupees for a buffalo. He said, "Dairy has given 50 rupees. The cooperative of Masuria is going to give a little more. A buffalo is five rupees more expensive. The dairyman has been selling the same milk for Rs 80, 90. While in Dhangadhi, it is sold up to 100 rupees per liter.


Gauriganga municipality of Kailali produces 1600 liters of milk daily. Farmers within the municipality have been producing 1600 liters of milk in a day. They have been selling buffalo and cow milk. But farmers have not received a fair price for the milk. Consumers pay up to 100 rupees in the market, but the milk farmers get only 50 rupees. The price of milk in Dhangadhi is also 50 rupees. However, we have been selling milk at Rs 50 a liter,' said Bista complaining.


By selling milk at Rs 50 per liter, 80,000 worth of milk has been produced in Gauriganga municipality every day. The municipality produces 2.4 million worth of milk in a month. In some wards of the municipality, the price of milk is up to 70 rupees per liter, but the farmers of wards number 10, 11 and 9 received only 50 rupees. Since the municipality has not fixed the price of milk and milk products, traders have been doing it arbitrarily.


Gauriganga Municipal Animal Branch Head Dipendra Pariyar said that the price of milk has not been fixed. He said, 'They had come to our place too. Prices may be determined as per local laws. But we have not decided.

The problem is that there is no pricing. The prices of milk, honey, meat, eggs and honey should be determined. Farmers of Gauriganga Municipality of Kailali have been selling milk at Rs 50 per liter.


The farmers of the municipality's wards number 10, 11, 9 have been selling cow's milk at 50 rupees per liter. They are selling buffalo milk at Rs 55 per litre. Consumers have to pay up to 100 per liter of milk from the dairy.

But cow and buffalo rearing farmers have not received even half of the amount of dairy. Since the municipality has not fixed the prices of milk and milk-related products, the traders are free to do so. Due to the negligence of the municipality, the farmers are in trou












Dineshkhabar Desk

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