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Arrest Made in Connection with the Homicide of Amrita

२०८० साउन ३१, ०७:१२ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dadeldhura: Law enforcement authorities have taken an individual into custody in connection with the tragic death of Amrita Raute from Parashuram in Dadeldhura. The lifeless body of 14-year-old Amrita was discovered on Wednesday.

Amrita, a resident of Parashuram Municipality-12 Ampaniki, was found deceased near her residence along the Rangoon river. She had ventured to the river for a fishing outing with her friends on Tuesday afternoon. However, Amrita failed to return home at the expected time, prompting a search effort. Although her companions returned home promptly, one individual remained at the river alongside the deceased, Amrita.

Police Inspector Ganga Dutt Badu of Jogbudha District Police Office indicated that the identity of the apprehended individual is being withheld due to their minor status. Additionally, it has come to light that the arrested individual is affiliated with the Raute community.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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