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Police Officer Assaulted in Kanchanpur Altercation

२०८० साउन २३, ०५:५६ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: A mobile police officer was subjected to physical assault in Kanchanpur. Sources indicate that a member of the Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) established by Far West Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Bharat Bahadur Bohara was targeted in the incident.

Ranjit Saud, a police constable associated with the RIT, was reportedly attacked by local youths in Punarwas Municipality Ward No. 11, specifically at Tauke Bazar in Somwar District. The altercation unfolded after a group of young individuals confronted Saund during a motorcycle inspection along the roadside.

The dispute is believed to have escalated when Saund, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, engaged in improper behavior while dressed in civilian clothing. He purportedly demanded a license and vehicle registration from the motorcyclist, asserting his connection to DIG Bharat Bohara.

Notably, Saud is said to be a relative of DIG Bohara. Following Bohara's controversial appointment as the head of Far West and allegations of favoritism and regionalism, Saund was brought from Baitadi and enlisted in the RIT.

Despite the initial dissolution of the RIT by Bohara on the grounds of redundancy, the unit was swiftly reconstituted under the leadership of his relative, Senior Deputy Inspector Denny Swarn. It appears that the incident involving the assault on Ranjit Saud, a police constable attached to the Sudurpaschim Province Investigation Group (RIT), has not been widely reported.

Both the Provincial Police Spokesperson, Prajwal Marhajan, and the Kanchanpur police stated that they currently lack information concerning the incident. However, local youths connected to the incident have reportedly been interrogated at the Pachkadia local police station.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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