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असोज १०, ०१:०४Dineshkhabar Desk

Motorcycle Mishap in Tikapur Results in One Injury

Dhangadhi: A motorcycle accident in Tikapur, situated within the precincts of Kailali district, has left one... विस्तृतमा

असोज १०, ०१:०३Dineshkhabar Desk

Motorcycle Collision in Kailali Leaves One Injured

Dhangadhi: In Kailali, a motorcycle collision has resulted in one individual sustaining injuries.

असोज १०, ०१:०२Dineshkhabar Desk

Bus and Driver Involved in Baitadi Incident, Where Armed Constable Was Struck, Now in Custody

Baitadi: Authorities in Baitadi have taken swift action by apprehending both the bus and its driver involved in... विस्तृतमा

असोज १०, ०१:००Dineshkhabar Desk

Elephants Make an Appearance in Shuklaphanta Community Forests of Kanchanpur

Kanchanpur: On Tuesday, the serene community forest areas nestled within the Shuklaphanta municipality in... विस्तृतमा

असोज ३, ०२:४५Dineshkhabar Desk

National Education Award Conferred Upon Prof. Harish Kumar Ojha of Panchodaya, Dhangadhi

Dhangadhi: Harish Kumar Ojha, the esteemed headmaster of Panchodaya Secondary School in Dhangadhi, has been... विस्तृतमा

असोज ३, ०२:४३Dineshkhabar Desk

Assault on Healthcare Worker in Kanchanpur Raises Concerns

Kanchanpur: A disturbing incident unfolded in Kanchanpur, where a healthcare worker attending to the injured at... विस्तृतमा