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A man sentenced life imprisonment in Bajura for raping his daughter

२०७८ साउन १, ०६:१६ खबर संवाददाता

Bajura: A 67-year-old man who raped his daughter in Bajura has been sentenced to life imprisonment. He was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Bajura District Court in Budhiganga Municipality.

According to the Bajura District Court, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for raping and molesting his 14-year-old daughter.

According to Article 219 (1) and 219 (2) of the Criminal Code, 2074 BS, the culprit can sentenced to life imprisonment or imprisonment for 25 years with a fine of Rs 50 thousand.

A case of rape and incest was registered in the District Court, Bajura on 6th August 2020. The incident came to light after she was pregnant with her father.

The victim said in her statement that she had tried to committed suicide when no one was at home.

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