सुदूर नेपाललाई विश्वसँग जोड्दै

Successful surgery for complex eye injury conducted by Dhangadhi Netralaya

२०७८ जेठ २३, ०४:२९

Dhangadhi: A successful eye injury surgery has been performed at Dhangadhi Netralaya.

Aman Nepali, 8, of Sakayal in Dadeldhura was critically injured in the eye by a sickle. His father Bikram Nepali said that Aman's sister had his eyeballs on her hand after he got injured while playing.

He was rushed to Geta Eye Hospital by Dadeldhura Eye Hospital for further treatment as the Dadeldhura Eye Hospital was unable to handle his case. His father Bikram said that the Geta Eye Hospital further advised him to take his son to Nepalgunj or Kathmandu for treatment. However, Dhangadhi Eye Hospital has successfully operated his eye.

Ravi Bhandari, a doctor at the hospital, said that the boy's eye surgery was successfully. He said that they did not have anesthesia facility at his hospital therefore he underwent the surgery at Maya Metro Hospital.

He also said that the surgery and medicine were provided free of cost due to their poor economic condition. According to Dr. Bhandari, there is a possibility that the child may regain his sight to some extent.

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