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Baitadi Resident Naresh Joshi Apprehended Following Assault Allegations

२०८० असोज २२, ०६:०३ Dineshkhabar Desk

Baitadi: Authorities in Baitadi have taken into custody a 28-year-old individual from Melauli Municipality-5, Khaligad, on charges of alleged wrongdoing. Naresh Joshi stands accused of blackmail, as confirmed by Inspector Yogesh Khatri, the Police Spokesperson for the District Police Office in Baitadi.

Joshi had been evading law enforcement after facing allegations of assaulting a 45-year-old woman in the Lamauli forest of Melauli-6 on the morning of October 21. However, his flight from justice came to an end when police successfully apprehended him in Lamalek on Sunday evening. Subsequently, an extortion case has been filed against Joshi, and ongoing investigations seek to shed further light on the matter.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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