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Bharti Initiates Hunger Strike in Protest of 'Regal's' Release from Imprisonment

२०८० असोज १७, ०३:४३ Dineshkhabar Desk

Kathmandu: Bharti Manandhar has embarked on a hunger strike to protest against the decision to release Yograj Dhakal, known as 'Regal,' without parole. This decision was made by President Ramchandra Paudel on the occasion of Constitution Day, following a recommendation from the Council of Ministers.

It's essential to note that Regal had been convicted of the murder of Bharti's husband, Chetan Manandhar. Bharti initiated her hunger strike at Maitighar Mandala on Wednesday, demanding the reversal of the decision to grant Regal a pardon. She has also taken her case to the Supreme Court, where she has filed a petition against the President's decision. The Supreme Court has registered Bharti's writ petition under the number 080-DUBOO-0306.

The incident in question occurred when Regal was accused of fatally assaulting Chetan at Dhamboji Chowk in Nepalgunj on October 15, 2015 (28 Ashwin, 2072 BS). The District Court Banke, under the jurisdiction of Judge Bishnu Subedi at the time, found Regal guilty and sentenced him to life imprisonment in Baisakh 2076 BS.

In connection with the same incident, ten other individuals were also sentenced to prison terms ranging from three to ten years, depending on their level of involvement. However, on Constitution Day, Regal was released from imprisonment after the President granted him clemency following the government's recommendation.

Bharti has emphasized that Regal's imprisonment was the result of a prolonged legal battle and has expressed her belief that the President should not have the authority to grant amnesty without the consent of the victim's family.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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