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Infrastructure Minister Prakash Bahadur Deuba Conducts Field Assessment, Outlining Implementation Strategy

२०८० साउन ३२, ०७:१९ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: Prakash Bahadur Deuba, the Minister for Physical Infrastructure Development in Far Western Province, embarked on a comprehensive on-site inspection accompanied by a strategic plan to expedite the execution of upcoming projects. Minister Deuba, accompanied by a team of technical experts, arrived at the designated project site to oversee the upcoming initiatives.

The ministerial delegation, led by Prakash Bahadur Deuba, conducted a meticulous evaluation of 15 distinct road projects spanning wards 1 through 6 of Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city on Thursday. The provincial government has diligently allocated the necessary funding for the construction of these pivotal roads within the current fiscal year. The state capital and sole sub-metropolitan city, Dhangadhi, has grappled with the repercussions of subpar road conditions, impacting the lives of its residents.

During the comprehensive site visit, Minister Deuba attentively engaged with local residents, eliciting their grievances, suggestions, and insights regarding challenges tied to project implementation, land ownership, prevailing conditions, and potential enhancements. Minister Deuba proactively sought input from the assembled technical experts, inquiring about any technical impediments encountered during the various project phases.

Notably, Minister Deuba ensured the presence of the ward president associated with each designated project, fostering direct collaboration. He personally urged the ward leaders to facilitate the necessary groundwork prior to soliciting bids for road construction. Minister Deuba emphasized, "Although the provincial government has secured the requisite funding, it is imperative that collective efforts and seamless coordination are upheld to ensure timely project completion. This on-site evaluation serves as the initial step toward our endeavor."

Minister Deuba expounded on the significance of meticulously assessing project conditions before initiating contractual agreements. He cautioned against hasty contract awards, underlining that inadequate evaluations could hinder timely completion and introduce complications. Minister Deuba conveyed his commitment to personally oversee project quality and adhere to stipulated timelines. He reiterated, "We shall not tolerate any negligence or laxity from contractors. Our committed projects shall be executed punctually."

Minister Deuba underscored that local authorities have meticulously formulated Detailed Project Reports (DPR) and budgetary allocations in alignment with the ministry's guidelines. In line with this, he announced, "Today's on-site assessment marks the inauguration of our strategic implementation approach. This proactive engagement shall persist, culminating in the issuance of contract notices by the final week of August."

The minister's dedication to ensuring transparent, efficient, and timely project completion resonates through his hands-on involvement and strategic directives, paving the way for improved infrastructure and enhanced public welfare.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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