सुदूर नेपाललाई विश्वसँग जोड्दै

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits Bajura; tremors felt in Dhangadhi

२०७९ माघ १०, ०४:१४ आरजु

Dhangadhi: An earthquake has occurred in the Bajura district while tremors have been felt in Dhangadhi. Today at 2:43 pm, an earthquake measuring 5.9 magnitudes on the Rectal scale occurred in Mela rural municipality of Bajura district.

According to the police office Bajhang, Krishi Gyan Kendra, and two houses in Bajhang have been damaged due to the earthquake. Similarly, the police officer in Bajura informed that they have received information about approximately three to four houses being damaged by the earthquake. According to them, there have been no reports of human casualties so far.

According to research conducted by the UNDP, Sudurpaschim Province has energy equivalent to 8.6 magnitude on a rector scale stored in a variety of ways within the rocks. "Occurrence of frequent earthquakes could mitigate the risk of human loss. However, many houses across the province require retrofitting," said Biraj Pokhreal municipal officer of Dhangadhi, UNDP. Retrofitting can prevent traditional houses from being damaged during an earthquake. According, to him many houses in wards no. 1 and 2 of Dhangadhi Sub-metropolitan are at a high risk of damage. Most houses in the metropolitan are more than 50 years old and they are standing tall without pillars.

The old houses are made without the approval of an engineer or the municipality, such buildings are at high risk. It is very imperative to hire an engineer to approve the design of the house and further get approval from the municipality, adding an extra wall without consulting an expert can put the building at risk, he added. Aftershocks continue to be felt in Bajura.


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