सुदूर नेपाललाई विश्वसँग जोड्दै

That is why Dang's plan is included in the budget of the far western government

२०७९ असार १०, १०:४४

Dhangadhi: Protests have erupted after the Lumbini state's plan was included in the budget of the far-western state government. Members of the state assembly and the general public have also protested against the government saying that plans outside the state have been included in the budget.

In the annual development program made public by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the province, it has been seen that budget has been allocated for the construction of embankment in Sirangi Khola of Lamahi Municipality Ward No. 9 of Dang District of Lumbini Province and Kalikhola of the same ward.

The state government has allocated Rs 1 million for Sirangi river and Rs 1 million for embankment construction in Kalikhola. The allocation is mentioned in the annual development program of the state government for the fiscal year 079-080.

According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the state, it is not the fault of the state government to include the plans of other states in the annual development program. State Secretary of the Ministry Jitendra Basnet said that the program sent by the federal government through conditional grant was published by the state government.

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