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Godawari Municipality ward no 3's office without a secretary

२०७८ साउन १०, ०२:०७

Dhangadhi: The ward office of Godawari Municipality-3 in Kailali is without a secretary. Secretary of the ward office Himmat Bahadur Saud has been transferred to the office of Ward No. 10 of the same municipality.

Locals have complained that their work has been affected due to lack of a secretary in the ward office. Ward office employee Mohan Khatri said that there has been no ward secretary in the office for the past 11 days and Govinda Raj Joshi, secretary of ward no. 10 is going to be the secretary of ward no. 3.

"The secretary of ward no. 10 will be transferred to ward 3. I heard that he was hospitalized after falling ill. I have not been able to talk to him since," he added.

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