सुदूर नेपाललाई विश्वसँग जोड्दै

Most areas in Dhangadhi flooded due to rain

२०७८ साउन ५, ०१:५४

Dhangadhi: The main road of the main market in Dhangadhi has various potholes.

Besides the bus park area most of the city has been flooded due to continuous rain. The potholes in the market area that were poorly repaired have lasted less than 6 months in total. Chandra Chaudhary of Dhangadhi says that it is difficult to drive a vehicle due to the problem of cracked roads, potholes and inundation.

"If it rains the whole road gets submerged in water. Therefore it gets very difficult to drive any vehicle as we can’t see the potholes or the cracks on the road while driving. Apart from the main market area, the condition of the roads in the allies of all the old 14 wards of Dhangadhi Municipality is deplorable.

Most of the roads demolished for construction under the contract agreement are filled with water and puddles. Shivaraj Joshi of Dhangadhi said that they have stopped using the roads under the regional urban development project being implemented by the federal government.

"Most of the roads that were demolished and left for construction have been cut into two halves," he said. Most of the blacktop roads in Dhangadhi for the last five years have been built on the budget of the federal government. About 100 kilometers of roads in Dhangadhi have been blacktopped by the federal government's intensive urban development program. The roads constructed by the sub-metropolitan government have lasted less than 6 months.

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