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Dhangadhi Launches 'Har Ghadi, Nagar Prahari' Campaign for Enhanced Public Assistance

२०८१ असार ८, ०१:०२ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: The Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan municipality of Kailali has initiated the 'Har Ghadi, Nagar Prahari' campaign to ensure continuous support and assistance to city residents.

This campaign is part of a broader effort to equip the city police with necessary resources and training, enabling prompt and effective responses in times of need. The sub-metropolitan city's policy and program focus on providing the city police with adequate means and resources.

Search and rescue training has been conducted for 16 city policemen, and 11 have received community-based disaster response training in Kurintar, Chitwan. This training prepares them for disaster management and other public welfare activities. Key Achievements of the City Police: Rescue Operations: The city police have rescued 23 street-dependent individuals and 700 snakes of different species, ensuring the safety of both residents and wildlife.

Animal Control: They have managed a population of 11 million dogs within the city. Body Management: The city police have handled the disposal of 59 deceased individuals and provided Rs. 15 lakh 35 thousand to the families of 307 deceased persons, offering Rs. 5 thousand per family. Additionally, they have honored 331 deceased by flying the sub-metropolitan flag.

Disaster Preparedness and Equipment: To improve disaster response capabilities, Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city has acquired two fire bikes and a portable booster pump. Water rescue training has also been provided to the city police to address climate-related disasters effectively.

Humidification Services: To accommodate families who need time for cremation rituals according to their traditions, the city has introduced two body humidification machines. These machines have preserved 63 deceased bodies so far, allowing relatives to conduct ceremonies with dignity. The 'Har Ghadi, Nagar Prahari' campaign exemplifies Dhangadhi's commitment to enhancing public safety, disaster readiness, and community welfare through a well-equipped and responsive city police force.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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