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10 bigha of encroached land in Mahendranagar being cleared

२०८१ जेठ ६, ०१:१७ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: A dozer has been used to clear 10 bigha of encroached land in Mahendranagar of Kanchanpur.

Bhimdatta Municipality has used a dozer to clear the physical structures built encroaching on the old bus park area. The municipality has said that a dozer has been used since Saturday to clear 10 bighas of encroached land in the bus park area of Bhimdatta Municipality.

The presidents of the then Mahendranagar City Development Committee distributed the land of the bus park area illegally on rent. The dozers have been started from Saturday after the municipality failed to clear the encroached public areas despite repeated correspondence.

According to Padmaraj Awasthi, spokesperson of Bhimdatta municipality, 373 physical structures have been constructed in the area. 255 structures have been built with concrete pillars. The municipality said that a dozer was operating in the area on Sunday as well. Bhimdatta Municipality has said that houses and towers will be demolished only after a week.

According to the municipality, it has been prepared to issue a notice for the last time to the people who built houses and towers on public land. The special court convicted eight people including the then chairman and employees in the land sale case of Mahendranagar City Development Committee and sentenced them to imprisonment and fine.

The court has also ordered to return the land sold at various times in the name of city development. The petition filed in the Supreme Court by the businessmen who constructed structures by renting land from city development has also been dismissed by the court.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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