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Transfer for Achham Jail Jailer Shahi, Known for Controversial Prisoner Handling

२०८० पुष २४, ०५:१२ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: Jailer Janak Shahi, previously known for his controversial approach in managing prisoners at Achham Jail, has been transferred. Chief District Officer of Achham, Sharad Kumar Pokharel, confirmed the transfer, stating that Shahi has been reassigned to the area administration office in Vinayak. As Vinayak's service has not resumed, Shahi is currently working at the district administration office in Achham.

Shahi, who gained notoriety for his actions in Achham Jail, recently visited inmates at the district jail in Bajura. Naresh Awasthi from Kanchanpur, serving a drug-related sentence in Achham Jail, was among the prisoners transferred to Bajura.

It's noteworthy that Jailer Awasthi's visit to Bajura on November 7th led to administrative changes, including a replacement of the security chief, once the authorities were informed. Contrary to expectations, Jailer Shahi was not transferred at that time. Chief District Officer Pokharel clarified that Shahi's transfer occurred a few days ago. Additionally, the team, including Rabindra Kalouni, overseeing security personnel at Achham Jail, underwent a change on December 11th.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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